Say goodbye to single-use roll-off trucks! Geneva’s Pro Roll Off  Trailer System offers you the flexibility and capacity for instant profitability. From roll-off trailer containers to recycling collection bins to job-site storage containers, the Geneva Roll Off Trailer System uses one versatile trailer with a full line of interchangeable bed options to fit nearly any hauling application. The Geneva Roll Off Trailer System uses a powerful hydraulic lift and remote control pendant for operation by a single user. Plus, all components are designed and built using heavy-gauge structural steel for rugged, year-round use.  

We start with the best trained welders.  Our welders have years of experience welding structural steel tubing.  At Geneva, we use heavy duty rollers on our boxes.  You will notice 36”  spacing so a standard Roll Off will fit.
Beware: Some trailer manufacturers make proprietary boxes so you always have to purchase from them.
We use the same rollers on our trailer frames that you would find on a roll off truck.

Geneva trailers have an integrated box locking system that eliminates the need to strap or chain the box to the trailer.  The pin comes up thru the rail automatically to lock the box in place.
Warning: It is illegal to only use an electric winch cable to transport a box on the highway.

Do our containers look familiar? Our containers use the same cable catch, nose rollers and standard rail width as roll off trucks.  We use a keyed in and welded cable catch which is much stronger and safer than a surface mounted d-ring.  Split door systems bind and bend but our heavy duty single door and latch system with safety chain opens and close with ease.

The Pro Roll Off Trailer System is Perfect for:

– Private Refuse Haulers
– Contractors
– Landscapers
– City & Park Departments
– College campuses
– Military Bases